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Light, strong, classy.

The bags in wood and leather Francesca Torsi

The first chapter of the history of these bags was written in the last century, when the grandfather, restoring monuments in wood and entire works of art in the palaces and the most beautiful places of the city of Naples, began to bring prestige to the family Torsi.
This passion put to the service of art, also won his son Francesco, who followed in the footsteps of his father, maintained and enriched what was one of the greatest legacy of his family: working the wood with passion and respect for this noble material of fruit our nature.
Today Francesca, embraces the tradition of this family passion merging it with his talent and his creativity, inventing something unique, elegant and unexpected
All bags Francesca Torsi, made of wood and leather, have something more. To marry these raw materials correctly and consistently is the result of a long research, where every failure was just one more step toward the ultimate success.
And now you can finally touch this dream come true.
Welcome to the world of Francesca Torsi.